An exciting addition to the VegaDB ecosystem, designed to revolutionize Data Discovery and Metadata Management

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Data Governance

Gateway to Seamless Data Governance for VegaDB!

Vega Catalog is our cutting-edge data governance tool designed exclusively to empower users of VegaDB. Just like a well-curated library, Vega Catalog is here to ensure that every data asset within VegaDB is easily discoverable, properly understood, and efficiently utilized.

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Data Governance

Gateway to Seamless Data Governance for VegaDB!

Seamlessly manage your data assets with comprehensive metadata and lineage information.

Data Quality
Ensure accuracy and reliability with our Data Quality feature, designed to validate and cleanse your data.
Data Lineage
Track your data's journey with our Data Lineage feature, providing clear visibility into its origin and transformations.
Metadata Management
Simplify your data understanding with our Metadata Management feature, offering organized and searchable data descriptions.

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